FOTRIC 326F hőkamera

FOTRIC 326F is a compact and affordable handheld thermal camera for facility maintenance use. Its 384x288 resolution, 40mk sensitivity, 0.5 meters focus-free feature, and the Android platform interface all provide intuitive experiences for you to get started. This camera is equipped with a 49-degree wide-angle lens to meet requirements from different industries, like building inspection, manufacturing. After inspection, users can import the data into AnalzyIR software with WiFi, and generate reports with one click.

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Ready-To-Go All-purpos, All-budgets

  • Detect Mechanical, Electrical and Building hidden thermal abnormalities with enhanced images.
  • Measure temperatures from -20 to 550°C with automatic range adjustment.
  • Reveal low visibility details with LED flash lamp and Laser pointer.
  • Aim and shoot large scenes with wide-angle lens.

Hands-free annotations

  • Record voice-notes and listen to alarms via a Bluetooth headset.
  • Tag images with equipment name using QR-Code scanner.


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