1-es számú PT etalon – EN ISO 3452-3 (Ni-Cr panel)

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Type 1 reference panel specification / 1-es számú PT etalon termék jellemzők

  • Other name: NiCr test panel
  • With the use of stretching stress, parallel linear cracks are induced in the plate
  • Indicator of the sensitivity ranges
  • For the checking of the performance of different penetrant systems
  • Conforming with EN ISO 3452-3 Type1
  • 4 type of panels with different crack depths: 10, 20, 30, 50 μm
  • For the application of red dye and fluorescent penetrants as well – BUT DIFFERENT TYPE OF NICR PANELS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF PENETRANTS
  • Annual supervision and official report for this reference panel is a must because of degradation what comes from usage, it has to be carried out by the manufacturer or an appropriate third-party

Documents to download / Letölthető dokumentumok

Datasheet (ADATLAP)

Links / Linkek

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